Goldmyer Hot Springs

Susie cooked us a big breakfast and then Dave drove us back to the trail. Thanks, Susie and Dave, for the great visit!

Clark Kent had caught up to us, and I saw some other friends at the pass too. We left the trail immediately to go on an alternate route. It’s shorter, has less elevation change, and it has hot springs!

It started raining soon into the hike up the Snow Lake Trail and continued for the rest of the day. There were some pretty rocky parts so I was moving slowly.



I finally made it to the Goldmyer Hot Springs after 10.7 miles, a private property that allows limited public access in order to preserve it. We checked in and headed for the springs.

The hot spring comes out in a cave at 109°. It then falls into a second pool which is slightly cooler, and a third pool which is like bath water. I worked my way up the pools into the cave but couldn’t stand the heat long. I spent the rest of the evening in the lowest pool, enjoying the rain while I sat in hot water. There was a cold pool as well but I couldn’t bring myself to get in it.


Once it got dark, we went back down the hill to eat dinner and make camp. I feel great.


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  1. That sounds amazing!

  2. Now this part of hiking I can do!!

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