I got up early to hike the 3.1 miles to the road to Great Barrington. A young family on their way to daycare picked me up and dropped me off at the cheaper laundromat in town, and also gave me some other tips on places to go. I got my laundry started and phone charged enough to turn back on. I called around to hotels to find the cheapest one and found that they were all either full or $250, a price way higher than what’s listed in my guide. I don’t care about the bed so much but I really, really needed a shower.

I saw Jungle Jym walking by outside with a girl and a dog. I found out later she was showing him the way to the laundromat from the co-op. I popped outside to say hi and asked her if she lived in town and if I could pay for a shower, explaining the hotel situation and that I wanted to be able to check out the town without going into businesses smelling too bad. She said sure and then gave us access to her apartment all day in exchange for taking her dog out while she was at work. It was very close to the laundromat so I was able to finish that up and finally get a real shower. Heaven!

I ran a few errands in town, walked the dog a few times, had Thai food for lunch, ginger ice cream from the creamery, and a very relaxing day. When Jasmine got home from work, she also said we could stay the night. She already had plans but Jungle Jym and I headed out to the Gypsy Joynt to meet other hikers for dinner and see a fun band called Bella’s Bartok. Great night!

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Written by Siren

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