I want to get out on my bike more this year.  Despite having had my bike rack on my car for over a month, I’ve only been out on one 15-mile dirt road ride.  So today I joined the Green Mountain Club‘s Burlington Section for a 35-mile ride on the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail.  When complete, the LVRT will be New England’s longest rail trail at 93 miles.  Today, only 33 miles are complete, in two sections.  We rode the Jeffersonville to Morrisville section out and back.

It was a beautiful day, slightly chilly but sunny.  I took off my long sleeves before getting on my bike because I knew I’d be more than warm enough the second I started pedaling.  We went from the Jeffersonville Park and Ride on a spur trail out to the LVRT and rode west to where the section terminates (just a mile or so) and then turned back and rode east all the way to the end of the 17-mile section.

Heading east had the trail generally going ever so slightly uphill.  We passed through woods, farm fields, and neighborhoods, crossing the Long Trail and stopping for a break to check out Dog Head Falls.  I want to come back later in the season and swim there for sure.

We reached the end of the finished trail and turned back to stop at Lost Nation Brewing for lunch.  It seemed like everyone at the brewery had come from the rail trail.  What a great location for them!  They weren’t open for outside service just yet so we had to eat inside.  Once lunch was over, we headed back west on the trail, which was mostly ever so slightly downhill.  I know you’re supposed to adjust your gears to pedal at the same RPM uphill or downhill, but I love coasting downhill when I can get it.

I saw lots of marsh marigolds along the way, as well as tons of fiddleheads that were already past their time and unfurling.  The trail was in the shade sometimes, but still mostly in the sun since a lot of the trees don’t have too many leaves yet.  I got a little sunburn, but nothing too bad.  I love this trail!