Lincoln Woods Trail XC Ski, Part Deux

I’ve only made it out xc skiing a few times this winter.  It seems like every time we get a good amount of snow, I’m too busy to get out for a day or two, and then it rains or thaws or both and the snow gets ruined.  After my first time skiing on the Lincoln Woods Trail, I had only skied two other times – once at the Ladies Nordic Ski Expo at Trapp Family Lodge, where the trails were incredibly icy and had just been reopened for the event after being closed due to terrible conditions for a week, and once on some trails around my house where I pretty much practiced skiing uphill and then bailing and falling downhill because I couldn’t stop and didn’t want to run into trees on the narrower trails.

Kelly and Laura were game to try so they rented some skis in Lincoln and we headed over to the Lincoln Woods Trail.  Despite being February in New Hampshire, it was 50° out!  Combine the temperature with the hordes of a holiday weekend and the trail was not in great shape.  The snow was wet and compacted, with many post holes all around.  We got skiing anyway.

It was afternoon so most people were headed back in as we were headed out and there were many stops to chat.  It was hard to get a groove going and ended up taking us almost two hours to get the 3 miles to the bridge.  We stopped there for a snack and eventually put our skis back on to head back down the trail.

We had smoothed the trail out some on the way out, and there were fewer distractions, so we made great time on the way back, arriving in only an hour.  It was the fastest I’ve ever consistently skied anyway.  We passed the time by laughing at each other’s falls.

Kristin: 1. Laura: 3. Kelly: 5?


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  1. I love ski!!!!

  2. Misty, Paul and kids went sking @ Camelback the kids skied like they were doing it forever. Second time for P n M , and they got it too. I think it will be an annual thing for them now. Looks like you are enjoying life Kris. ❤️ JnB

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