We got up in time for the 50¢ shuttle to Marion today, intending to just run into town for a few errands. Somehow when we were on the bus we decided to get a room for the night since there were four of us to split a room. Showers and laundry opportunities might have had something to do with it, plus we are trying not to get too far up the trail before hitching back to Trail Days in Damascus tomorrow. The Econo Lodge even had a room we could get into right away so we were sold.

After showers and phone calls, we moved into town for laundry, library, and lunch. Resupply at Walmart, back to the motel, then a late dinner at the nearby Mexican restaurant since it was margarita special night. We ran into a group from Americorps who were together at Hungry Mother State Park for a workshop. They gave us some good local info and invited us back to their cabins, but we were not inclined to walk over four miles there and then back late so we just went back to our room instead.

We are supposed to hike to Atkins tomorrow and get a ride from there but we have several options going on so the plan might change.