It poured all night and was cold and windy this morning. We went over Moxie Bald Mountain first thing and the day gradually warmed up once I got down the other side. The trail was fairly level after that but very flooded. I knew I’d have to ford a few things today but I wasn’t counting on having to ford the trail itself too. I would say it was six inches deep or more for several miles today.

I had to ford Bald Mountain Stream, which was not listed as a ford in my guide, but was just high from the rain. The two branches of the Piscataquis River were listed as fords and were not rock hoppable for once. Both came to just over my knees so I went pantless again. The first branch had a rope strung across it to help guide hikers since the current was stronger there.

We made great time in our 18.7 miles to the road. We actually needed to take a side trail to the parking lot, and Whisper was awesome again, leaving notes and arrows directing us how to get there. We drove into Monson, got rooms at Shaw’s, and started town chores. We also figured out logistics for slacking the 100 Mile Wilderness, which starts tomorrow.

7 days and 117.8 miles to go!




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  1. This has been a real treat. Reading of your exploits and accomplishments has been inspirational. Proud of you.

  2. Yay! You are so close!! So awesome!

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