It took us a little while to get out of the hostel, and then we found out the owner had already run a shuttle to the road we needed to go back to. It hadn’t been announced so we had no idea, and he dropped us off at the general store in town instead. I was able to call Osprey from there and arrange for a new pack to be shipped to Stratton for me.

Whisper and Mailman came and picked us up, and Whisper dropped us back off at the trail. She was slacking us today so I didn’t even have to use my messed up pack, which was a welcome relief for my back. The weather was perfect again and the first half of the day’s hike over Wyman Mountain was super easy. I was doing 3 MPH for a little while, which I am happy to know I can still do.

The hike over Moody Mountain was a bit steeper and involved some rebar and ladders. There was a great view of the fall colors from the top. Back down the mountain, and we met up with Whisper again at the road. There are large campsites here too so we setup for the night. Little Bear got a fire going and Hotspot played some interesting podcasts on his phone for everyone. 10.1 miles today.




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  1. Ok question… You are nearing the end correct? With the chance that you may not be able to complete? At least with out heading to the other end and hiking south. At the start you ?posted mileage of 17, 19, if memory serves even some 20 plus .now so close to the end your down to 7 8 9 miles days. Is this because the trails are harder in the north or are you worn out?perhaps another reason?

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