I’ve been doing a good amount of hiking in the past two months, and each hike confirms what I want to do.

When I was out visiting a friend in Arizona, we hiked on the Bright Angel Trail of the Grand Canyon.


We also went down to Sedona area and hiked up Wilson Mountain, the highest mountain in that area.


The following weekend I was camping with a group of girls in southeastern Pennsylvania and we did some hiking on the Horse Shoe Trail.


Earlier this month I met Caz and Scott in Shenandoah and we hiked Old Rag Mountain.


The next morning we also did a quick hike on the Dark Hollow Falls Trail.


Finally, this past weekend I went to the Poconos with some friends and we did a hike including the Glen Onoko Falls trail.


It’s hard to find good hiking in the area I live in since it’s extremely flat but I hope to do some more small hikes over the next month. I’m considering thru-hiking the Batona Trail in three days over New Years as well.