I met Tab at the Waterbury trailhead for a quick hike up Mount Hunger.  The Waterbury Trail climbs steadily for most of its 2.2 miles, but does turn into steep slabs near the top.  Climbing up those is always fun (in dry weather).




It was sunny and warm until we got out of the trees and into the wind.  Then it was freezing.  My hands actually lost feeling like they do in the winter.  We didn’t stay up top too long because of it, just long enough for a quick snack.



There were expansive views even though the summit is only at 3589′.





I’ve been on the lookout for shorter trails that aren’t too far from home.  This one’s a keeper.  I can go just to the summit of Mount Hunger for a quick fix, I can go another mile from there in one direction to White Rock Mountain, I can go another 3.1 miles in a different direction to Stowe Pinnacle, or I can go another 6.4 miles in another direction to Worcester Mountain.  I will definitely be exploring this little mountain range again soon.