Jenn and I went down to the Boston area to check out the No Man’s Land Film Festival on tour yesterday, hosted by Outdoor Women’s Alliance.  But first, we stopped at the Middlesex Fells Reservation for a quick hike.

We walked a loop including Bellevue Pond and Wright’s Tower.  The trail system there seemed extensive, which is always so nice to have right outside a big city.  I was surprised by how quiet it was considering an interstate was so close by.

It was a hot day down there, feeling more like summer than spring, but we got to follow a white blazed trail for a while and see trout lillies, a spring ephemeral.  Then we headed into town for dinner and the film festival.

Part of the MAKERS series of films about trailblazing women, the short we watched was about Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to enter the Boston Marathon in 1967.  This was timely as she just ran it again last week at the age of 70.  Even though I know our history (and, unfortunately, our present), I’m always amazed to see how women were excluded from things in the past.  Watch the full film here.

The Pink Helmet Posse
This film follows three six-year-old girls who want to grow up to be professional skateboarders.  While still a little heavy on the princess narrative, it’s always great to see young girls getting after it and having fun in their chosen sport.  Watch the full film here.

Featuring Lexi DuPont, this film shows an excellent skier enjoying her sport.  Great soundtrack too!  Watch the full film here.

For the Love of Climbing
For Kathy Karlo, the meaning of life is happiness, and happiness to her is climbing.  She encourages everyone to get out there and do what they love and always look for new opportunities.  Watch the full film here.

Operation Moffat
British climber Claire Carter is struggling between choosing a traditional life or an adventurous life until she finds a book written by Britain’s first female mountain guide, Gwen Moffat.  She takes inspiration from Moffat’s colorful past and also gets to interview the now 91-year-old.  Watch the full film here.

Wendy Fisher was one of the best Big Mountain Freeskiers in the world from 1996 to 2004.  She stopped professional skiing to have kids, and although she still works as a ski instructor, she wasn’t traveling the world to do the biggest mountains any more.  To see if she still has it, she goes out to some big mountains to find out.  Watch the full film here.

Catch It
This film follows French surfer Léa Brassy who now lives in the Lofoten Islands of Norway and reminds us that it’s important to catch the opportunities for your passion when you can.  Watch the full film here.

The Good Fight
Ryhana Dawood is a Mulsim woman and a certified black belt.  She founded a nonprofit called Martial Smarts that teaches free self defense workshops to women in Toronto to “improve physical and mental wellness, self-esteem building, as well as female empowerment.”  Watch the full film here.

Yvonne Dowlen, at 90, has been ice skating as long as she can remember and became a professional skater.  She overcame multiple health issues in her later years to stay out on the ice and is definitely an inspiration to keep moving.  Watch the full film here.

Equal Footing
Climbers Kim Havell and Julia Heemstra go climbing in the Wind River Range of Wyoming and reflect on being female climbers in the traditionally male-dominated sport.  Watch the trailer here.