Outdoor Retailer Pre Show

Today I flew out to Salt Lake City to get ready for the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market, which starts tomorrow. I’ve been through the airport here once before on a connection but have otherwise never been to Utah. The mountains surrounding the city are beautiful right now.


And then we got a little lower, and I saw the smog caused by inversion. I just had cause to look this up the other day when a Utahan friend mentioned it.


I met up with Saveria at the airport and then we met with Eric and Joel after checking into the hotel. By the way, check out everyone’s bios again, as they have been updated with more information.

We went to dinner and met the larger O.R. Daily team that we will be working with this week, and then returned to the hotel to prep for tomorrow’s demo day and get some free schwag from Backpacker.


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  1. OooOooo love the mountains and the swag. 🙂 Utah is definitely on my list. I am jelly! Have fun!

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