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Here we go: miles per day, where I slept at night, times it rained, etc. Comparison to my Appalachian Trail thru hike will come later.

Lowest Milage Excluding Zeros: 2.3
Average Mileage: 14.4
Median Mileage: 17.2
Average Mileage Excluding Zeros: 18.1
Median Mileage Excluding Zeros: 19.2
Highest Mileage: 29

Lowest / Highest / Average / Median Miles

Lowest / Highest / Average / Median Miles

Mileage Compared by Section

Mileage Compared by Section

Zeros: 39
Neros (Less than 8 miles): 10
Less than 15 miles, more than 8: 29
Less than 20 miles, more than 15: 44
Over 20 miles: 68

Daily Miles

Daily Miles

Nights Slept under the Stars: 14
Nights Slept in Tent: 122
Nights Slept in Motel: 11
Nights Slept in Hostel: 11
Nights Slept in Private Home: 29
Nights Slept in a Vehicle: 1
Nights Slept in a Shelter: 2

Hiking Days: 151
Rainy Days: 35
Total Days: 190
Total Miles: 2,729.2

A Note on Zeros: There were days that were technically zeros, because I did not hike any PCT miles, but where I did hike on other trails.  I counted these as hiking days and not zeros for the purpose of these statistics.

You can see all of the data here, and check out where I camped at night below:


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  1. Nice and colorful. I didn’t think it rained that much. 🙂

  2. I love stats, so I love these!! You really went above and beyond though with the charts, etc!! Looking forward to seeing you and catching up a bit in NJ.

  3. Impressive as always!

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