We started early, slacked by Whisper again, and today’s trail was beautiful. It was another great, warm day, with no big climbs. We have a couple of more days of mountains coming up, and then even flatter areas than today until pretty much the end of the trail, with only one or two mountains mixed in. I can’t wait.

We met Whisper at the road to Rangeley to pick up our packs and go a few more miles to a shelter. She decided to hike in with us for the night, and we ran into Smiley and Lost there too. We had a little extra time before dark so Stretch, Little Bear, Hotspot, and I decided to hitch into town for pizza first. We had to hike to the shelter in the dark later but it was worth it.

The hitch Hotspot and I got out of town was from a woman in a Westphalia, which is incredibly neat. She had some cool information since she works for a land trust nearby, and she also gave us some beers to pack in for everybody. We made it to the Piazza Rock Lean-To after 15 miles.

There were some interesting shelters today. The Sabbath Day Pond Lean-To had a sandy beach near it, which would have been nice if it was warmer. Riner went in. The shelter itself had moose bones all over it. And the shelter we are at now has a two seater privy with a cribbage board in between the seats.

It’s easy to tell it’s into late fall now because the leaves are getting very deep on the trail in places. Sometimes they hide roots, rocks, mud, and puddles, so I have to step carefully in those areas. Also, the squirrels are getting very angry whenever we pass them, as if they think we’ll steal their nut stash.

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