Russell Creek

There was a potential ford at Russell Creek this morning but I easily found rocks to cross on. There had been three mountain goats there when I arrived so I tried to see where they had gone up the cliffs when they ran away but I never saw them again.


It was sunny this morning but cloudy and very windy in the afternoon. I could see rain a few ridges over and when mist finally started coming with the wind, I put my rain jacket on and stopped in a sheltered area to have a snack and a drink before it got worse. Then the rain and wind both stopped.


We spent the latter half of the day walking towards and around a mountain called Three Fingered Jack. It was dark once we got closer though so I am not sure if the shape of it has anything to do with the name.


26.6 miles to a random campsite. Switchfoot had seen a campfire at the one we were aiming for a little farther up so we stopped early.

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  1. Mountain goats! Awesome. 🙂

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