I got a ton of sleep last night, and I’m glad I was in town because it was storming pretty hard even here. I can’t imagine what it was like in the mountains.

I had all day to do not much so I started by putting laundry in, eating leftover pizza for breakfast, and uploading my most recent blogs. I also had to move to a bunkroom because the private room was already booked for tonight.

Once my laundry was finally done, I made my way outside to the library to use their computers for a couple of hours. Mo Burrito made an excellent late lunch, followed by resupplying at Safeway. Everything was conveniently located within a few blocks of each other downtown.

It only rained a little bit in Salida but I could see the storm clouds hanging around the mountain tops surrounding town.

I also made a few phone calls, listened to some podcasts, watched a bluegrass documentary on my phone, and just walked around downtown. Salida seems really cool but I’m getting antsy being in town this long solo.