Foiled again. I got stuck at Skyland today. It was right off the trail so I decided to stop in for bathroom, trash can, and picnic table. Then the restaurant was opening for lunch so I decided to eat there. Then a bunch of friends showed up and I decided to hang out reading on the lawn with the dogs while everyone else ate. Then two park rangers said a downpour was coming in five minutes. Four hours later, I left. Oops. I need to get out of this park.

There were some great views today on Little Stony Man Cliffs and the Pinnacle. I tried to also check out the view on Stony Man Summit, going off trail uphill with my pack on because I heard it was so great, only to find a couple occupied right on the rocks on top. Not the best place for it considering that’s a popular, short hike from a nearby parking lot, with lots of families going up. And annoying to me since I went out of my way and didn’t even get to hang out there.

I did make it 15.3 miles to Pass Mountain Hut. I’m going to try to get an earlier start tomorrow to make it to a hostel outside the park. I really, really need a shower and laundry. The trail through Shenandoah is severely lacking in swimming holes to even get partially clean.



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  1. We are getting so much rain and t-storms up here. Just heard thunder while I’m typing this. Suppose to have this type of weather for the next week. Hopefully you get better weather. Can’t wait to read you are in PA! šŸ™‚

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