In my quest for short trails close to home, I had to try Stowe Pinnacle.  It’s a very popular trail, being right on the edge of Stowe, fairly short, and having a great view.  I wanted to hike up after work before it starts getting darker even earlier than it already does.

I decided to go up the Pinnacle Meadows Trail since it’s the least popular of the two trail options and it has an extra overlook, which was very nice and includes a rock seat.



After 1.1 miles, I joined the Stowe Pinnacle Trail for the last .7 mile to the summit.  The trail started getting steeper right away, with lots of rock steps.  There was another view just after the steps.





The trail dipped a little bit as it worked its way around to the other side of the mountain and then climbed again to the summit.  I made it to the top just in time to sit down and enjoy the sunset.






I wanted to linger but once the sun was past the ridge, I made myself get back up and head down the trail again.  I didn’t have to get my headlamp out until I was back on the Pinnacle Meadows Trail, which wasn’t too steep or rocky in any case.


Going to Stowe Pinnacle on a week night and ending in the dark definitely lessened the number of other people I encountered.  There were just a few other hikers out and most of them were coming down as I was going up.