The End of the 1,000 Mile Outdoor Challenge

My 1,000 Mile Outdoor Challenge is over, and I did not accomplish my goal.  From April 1, 2014, until March 31, 2015, I only got 893.4 miles done.  I was keeping a strong weekly average until this winter.  Unfortunately, hiking in New Hampshire in the winter means mostly very low mileage hikes.  I also had a hard time getting out when it was single digits or below, which seemed to be quite a bit of the time.  Since being back in New Jersey to visit and prep for my thru hike, I have gotten some biking in, which comes with much bigger miles, but it’s a new year so it doesn’t count!  Oh well.

On to the stats!


Hiking predictably came in first at 68.1%: 90 hikes totaling 608.4 miles.

Second was biking at 14.4%: only 14 bikes led to 129 miles.

Third was snowshoeing at 9.37%: 19 snowshoes totaling 83.7 miles.  I did split the mileage if a hike was split between hiking and snowshoeing so not all of these are completely distinct events.

In fourth place was paddling at 1.73%: only 4 paddles totaling 15.5 miles.

And laughably in last place was running at 0.47%: 2 very short runs led to 4.2 miles.  I decided to start trail running right before I left for the Colorado Trail, then I broke my ankle, then I moved to New Hampshire for the winter.  No running followed.

My weekly average for the year was 17.18 miles.  All in all, there were 157 activities with an average of 5.69 miles each.  The months were split up as follows:

April – 124.6 miles
May – 31.5 miles
June – 82.5 miles
July – 55.8 miles
August – 187.5 miles
September – 27.8 miles
October – 123.9 miles
November – 41.2 miles
December – 21.1 miles
January – 44.9 miles
February – 69.1 miles
March – 83.5 miles

Check out the rest of the numbers here if you like.

So happy it’s spring again!



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  1. You are awesome! Glad it is spring there… we just got 2 more inches of snow yesterday!

    Sending love from the mountain folks 🙂

  2. Get it girl!!

  3. Very impressive and inspirational. Thanks for posting. This is quite an accomplishment.

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