Accident rumor update: The girl I know who was under the car is back already and only has a broken toe. She was the only current thru-hiker injured and the rest were alumni. Up to 60 people injured, 10 went to the hospital, 3 air lifted. There were some surgeries but everyone is stable. The driver definitely had a medical episode and may have been part of the parade.

So after the accident, everyone was very shaken and it took a while to really get back to normal-ish. The hiker talent show started a couple hours later and I didn’t even know if anything much would be happening at that point but I went to check it out. People had still signed up and there is a lot of talent out here; it was very entertaining. I ran back to Tent City right after for the Backpacker raffle but I didn’t win anything. Quick free dinner then back to town for a contra dance the rest of the night. There is still a lot going on in the campground, bonfires and such, but I’m wiped out and going to bed.