We decided to move from The Place to Tent City this morning since most of the activities would be happening there and it’s about a mile walk from town. We got set up just inside the woods then headed right back to town. One of the churches there was giving out free cookies, pb&j sandwiches, bottles of water, and hand-crocheted hats. On to the Dairy King for a milk shake then back to the same church a little later for free dinner. We checked out the Blue Blaze Cafe for a while to see who else was in town. I saw a ton more familiar faces today so that’s exciting.

I headed back to Tent City for the night to hang out with some hikers I hadn’t seen in a while. It’s interesting to see where everyone is on the trail. Some people are not as far ahead of me as I thought and some people are behind me. I’ve seen some people walking around with instruments so there could be some music tonight. So far there’s been a fiddler playing Irish music at the giant bonfire across from our camp. We’ve also heard that there is a hiker prom happening at the laundromat at midnight so might check that out after a walkabout.