Today’s hike was 14.8 miles through really nice trail. There was a lot of clear path on either dirt or pine needles, which are very soft to walk on, and only a few slick rock stretches. There were a lot of cascades and swimming holes I hiked nearby too. The sun was out by lunch. I made good time all day and felt great. Right before the road we were stopping at, I went over the Clarendon Gorge on a suspension bridge, which was pretty neat.

Once we all got back to the road at dinner time, we decided to run into Rutland and go to the Vermont State Fair, and Hotspot joined us too. We got delicious fair food for dinner, then checked out the Great Little Bear Show. Little Bear especially wanted to see it, and in addition to the bear part of the show, they had German Shepherds doing tricks too. Perfect! We had left Riner out on a porch at the house we had parked at since dogs weren’t allowed in but he would have enjoyed it I bet.

Next we saw the Wall of Death motorcycle show, something I’ve always wanted to see, where the audience stands pretty much at the top of a big barrel and a motorcycle races around the walls inside. It was very entertaining and the guy even grabbed dollar bills from people’s hands as he raced right at the top.

Stretch and Little Bear went off to the pig races after that but the other four of us wanted to go hit some carnival rides so we split up. We got to go on a bunch including the gravitron, swings, scrambler, and one whose name I don’t know but it had us flipping around in cages while going around a ferris wheel type loop. Everything was flying out of my pockets and hanging in mid air and we had to try to catch them. We had a great time, eventually heading back to the trailhead to camp, with a McDonald’s stop on the way, of course.

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Written by Siren

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