Well, I won one contest. So why not another one? The odds of winning are way better than the lottery, and hey, somebody’s got to win these things!

Montana Tourism and Backpacker Magazine are hosting a “Step Out of Bounds in Montana” contest to find a two person team to explore the state on a week-long trip as ambassadors. Jenn and I decided to enter since we could get some awesome video on our Presidents’ Day adventure, but then my camera didn’t work in the extreme temperatures. So while not as awesome as initially planned, we still came up with a video entry.

Please go vote for us HERE. You will have to register to vote but it’s a painless process and takes less than twenty seconds of your time.

You can also vote for the specific trip the winners will get to go on HERE.

Again, go HERE and click on “Vote For Us” to help us win. πŸ™‚

Written by Siren



Oh no! Looks like the link is not public yet even though I could see it. Hopefully it will show up today!


Keeping up with you! Don’t envy you in the cold. new storm just coming this morning. Weather channel broadcasting from near Rochester. Looks awful, still raining here!

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[…] last chance to vote for me to win a trip to Montana! Check out my previous post about it here or just go vote HERE. You do have to register to vote but it’s super quick, I promise! […]


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