I took a Wilderness First Aid class over the weekend and am now WFA certified! It was pretty intense, covering a lot of ground in the classroom and also going through potential emergency scenarios outside, with some students acting as victims and some as rescuers. I felt like I learned a lot but the trick is to retain it. I think I will have to pick up a copy of NOLS Wilderness Medicine to help me with that. There was a little bit of homework after the first day, which was quick enough to go through. We did get hints during the classroom sessions as to what would specifically be on the test the second day and the test turned out to be very easy, surprisingly so in fact.

I had originally wanted to take a course through SOLO but they did not have anything close to me in the right time period so I went with WFA.net instead. I am glad I took the course but I can’t tell if WFA certification is a standard thing, or if each school that offers a course in it does it differently.