We got a late start leaving the shelter since it’s so nice laying in a cozy sleeping bag when it’s chilly out, I didn’t want to get up. It had been windy all night with a few branches falling on the shelter but it only rained a little bit and the foot of my sleeping bag was only slightly damp since that was towards the open end of the shelter. Of course it started to rain when we were finally ready to leave, although it was only light rain all day.

The main thing today was the crazy wind. Another hiker said the forecast called for 45mph winds and it felt like it. Walking across the dam shortly into the hike, I thought I might get blown over the side. We had to walk slanted to get through. In the woods I guess we were shielded from the wind slightly more often than not but it was still a long day fighting the wind.

We stopped at the Vandeventer Shelter for lunch, where all the graffiti is about Bob Peoples, a local hostel owner and trail maintainer. You know the quotes about Chuck Norris and how badass he is? These quotes were like that. Some examples: Bob Peoples gives his boots blisters. When Bob Peoples stays here, the mice bring him food. Every time Bob Peoples builds a switchback, an angel gets its wings. Hysterical. I haven’t met Bob yet since he wasn’t there when I stopped at his hostel (he was out doing trail maintenance, of course) but I plan to meet him at Trail Days and try to sign up for Hardcore, a two day trail maintenance event he runs after the festival.

We finished the day with 14 miles at Iron Mountain Shelter. It was empty when we arrived but soon filled up since it’s raining. It feels colder than it probably is because everything is damp. I’ve been in my sleeping bag since just after 6.