Worst to Best

Today started out as my worst day. I had a terrible night’s sleep due to poor tent placement. Where we camped had very little room to put tents and I picked a spot I thought was mostly level, but when I got in the tent I discovered it was not. I tried to put my feet downhill but I must have been on a hump because my head was also slightly downhill. I could have levelled it out with my air pillow except that has been leaking the past few nights. Halfway through the night I flipped around but it wasn’t any better. Add to this that I was sliding sideways, and due to the sideways slide my tent body moved a bit and was hitting the rain fly weird so it sounded like some animal was trying to burrow into my tent half the night.

So I got up earlier than normal and was hiking by 8:40 but I had no energy to speak of. I stopped on top of Cheoah Bald for excellent views and an early cooked lunch. I guess the hiker hunger is starting to hit me. I don’t feel hungry but I can keep eating and not feel full either. That helped a little bit and I was able to go a little faster. I also was very congested though, I think due to sleeping upside down, so I got a decongestant from Stretch and that helped a little more. I also kept snacking and drinking lots of water at every break. It was very warm today and no breeze so it just had a stagnant feeling and I may have been a little dehydrated.

We were sitting at Stecoah Gap around 3 after 8.2 miles, taking a break with Keeper and Owf and their dogs Cannon and Sable, and listening to them debate hitching into town for Wendy’s. They were rock paper scissoring for it when Jim pulled into the parking lot in his pickup. He had some questions about the trail and soon offered to take them to Wendy’s and back. I was going to be good and not try to go also but Jim asked if we wanted them to bring anything back so we were shortly in the pickup truck heading to town. Who can resist a quick hitch and back for some fast food?

When we got to Wendy’s, Jim called his wife Emily to let her know where he was and she said to bring us all back to their house for the night. They had a cabin in back with two beds plus two guest rooms in the house. Again, who can resist? I offered to make dinner so we swung by the grocery store to pick up lasagna ingredients. Jim drove us up to the most gorgeous house and gave us the tour. Keeper and Owf would take the cabin with the dogs since they have a cat in the house, and Stretch and I would each get a guest room. King size beds for everyone!

I showered quickly and started dinner and then we relaxed, chatting and drinking wine while it baked. We had a great meal and then they brought out three types of ice cream and brownies for dessert! And right now I am in the fluffiest bed imaginable instead of outside where it is supposed to rain. This is now one of my best days. I forgot to take any photos with my cell phone unfortunately but I do have some good ones on my camera I’ll be able to share later.


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  1. This hiking trip seems to be turning into a junk food eating new bed hopping whirl wind LOL. AAAAAAAAAAAA to be young a free.YOU GO GIRL !!

  2. Glad to hear it turned into a best day. Friends, wine, brownies and comfy beds. Sounds amazing. Live it up!! You are obviously hiking; no rules say you must suffer. 🙂 Making a great story to tell for years to come; to know what it is to truly live. 🙂

  3. Hi Kris. I just caught up with your adventure so far. Theresa sent me the link the other day. What an amazing experience… I certainly don’t have to wonder who my most adventurous cousin is anymore! It’s so cool that you’re documenting it all. I’m looking forward to following the rest of your journey. I definitely a foresee a book in your future.

  4. I’m so happy you got some good rest! My motto is always, “Why suffer?” Love you Kris!! You’re my hero!

  5. Kris,
    I look forward to reading your daily entries. So glad that you are in a comfy bed tonight. I am sure that everyone enjoyed your lasagna.

  6. You might want to stay there today too. Weather looks awful!

  7. Siren, what a pleasure it was for Emily and I to meet you and the group. Since my friends and I will be hiking a part of the AT next month, the info and advice you all gave me will be quite useful. Thanks also for the checklist. We wish you and Strech safe and fun travels and if your trails pass nearby again, you always have a warm welcome and a place to stay. Godspeed! Jim

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