Sea Bass and I walked down the road to the interstate entrance ramp this morning. There didn’t seem to be any traffic so I expected to wait there a while. Less than a minute later, a woman stopped and scooped us up. She dropped us off right at the exit to town, and Ashland is pretty spread out, so we stuck our thumbs out again to get the few miles downtown to breakfast. A truck turned around to come get us. He and his wife had hiked the AT in 2011 and we had a mutual friend, they recently moved to Leadville, CO, one of my favorite places from last summer, and opened a hostel, and were currently in town visiting some of their friends hiking the PCT. I love the trail community!

Slider dropped us off at Ruby’s for amazing breakfast burritos. Sea Bass discovered he’d left his wallet where we camped last night, so he walked back down to where Slider said he was staying and got a ride back to find it. I hung around downtown until the outfitter opened so I could get some stove fuel, and then I easily hitched back up near the interstate exit, where the groceries and hotels are. I grabbed lunch and resupply food and checked into a motel to rest and ice my foot for the rest of the day.

Whisper and Mailman, who I finished the AT with, and who then moved to Colorado and rescued me on that trail last summer, now live in Oregon. They’re not near Ashland but Whisper has family nearby and was visiting this weekend. She arranged with her aunt and uncle to bring me and Stretch over for a home cooked meal. It was great to visit with them and the dinner was delicious.



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  1. The trail community does sound amazing! You are well cared for!

  2. Def glad you don’t hitch rides alone! So cool there are good people up that way. And ty for the bday wishes it was a great day.

  3. Who were the 2011 AT hikers who opened a hostel in Leadville? I feel like I’ve heard about them, but can’t remember their names.

  4. Annnnnd we Skyped!!

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