Boiling Springs

I packed up and made it back to the car before Stretch and Rambles this morning and by the time they made it, it was raining. We pulled the forecast up and saw a heavy storm coming so decided to wait a bit before hiking and see. Slackpacking ourselves is actually really inconvenient because we need to plan the day around trailhead parking lots, not always well situated, and if something comes up, like a big storm, you can’t just stop hiking and set up camp, because your stuff is in the car and the other person’s stuff is in the car and they’re depending on you to get to the car and then get them. We’d been debating getting rid of the car sooner than planned but today’s weather just capped it off and we made arrangements with Stretch’s mom to come get it from us after work.

We drove into Boiling Springs to hang out at the regional ATC office there while deciding on the day’s plan. There was a note for me on the bulletin board saying to call Lynn, a woman I’d met at the Northern Ruck the past two years. I’m really glad I went to the Ruck while planning my thru hike because it’s been a great resource and I’ve run into so many people I met there on the trail. I called Lynn and made plans to see her tomorrow, while today we would stay in town at the Allenberry Resort Inn and Playhouse. It’s a really nice place with great deals for thru hikers, only $20 each for the rooms and $10 for the shows, which is about 25% of the normal pricing.

We cleaned up the pack explosions in the car then headed to Allenberry. It’s not quite as nice as expected, although I think they put hikers in the oldest lodge. TV is limited to only a few channels but we did go swimming in the pool for a while before the show. Tonight was opening night for Annie, which I’d never seen before. It was a good show, then early(ish) to bed for hiking tomorrow.

It ended up not raining today, of course. I’m sure tomorrow will pour.


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  1. My husband and I went to Allenberry Resort and Playhouse about 11-12 years ago with friends. Our room was themed “Penn State” and was very nice so maybe they do give the less attractive rooms to the hikers. I enjoyed the show we saw there. They are noted for their cinnamon buns.

  2. Finally caught up with your postings. I was way behind and took a couple of days to catch up.. You ought to write a book. It would be great to hear back stories of all your fellow AT friends. What is their history and how did you all happen to be at the same place at the same time? Coincidence? Destiny?
    Would make a great read about your adventure. Can we meet up around Valley Forge for a Jam? I’ll check with your dad.

    • I don’t really put people’s back stories on here because I don’t know how much personal information they want on the internet.

      The trail doesn’t go through Valley Forge, the closest place is either the Cabela’s in Hamburg or the Delaware Water Gap.

  3. I hope you mean you’ve never seen Annie on stage and not the movie. If that’s not the case you can just stay on the trail forever 🙂

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