Lynn picked us up on her way to work and dropped us back down near the Green Mountain Store to hike. We knew we had all day, until she got back out of work, so we planned to hike at least twenty miles. Then this morning we barely made over a mile an hour. I’m not really sure why; the terrain wasn’t too rocky. We did stop and wait for someone for a while, but that doesn’t explain all the other breaks we took. The weather was fine. It was just a lazy day.

We went through the Rock Maze, which was not as tough as I expected from the name. I put my trekking poles away before starting it because I thought I’d be scrambling with my hands but there was really only one spot I needed to do that. The rest of it I was extremely slow on because I’m not used to walking with a pack on without poles and my balance was off. Actually I haven’t carried a full pack in so long that that was throwing me off too, and it bruised my hips.

We found blackberries today, in addition to more blueberries. I guess that does explain a few of the breaks. We also walked through/near many miles of cornfields, although no ears were ready yet. Walking through the fields is brutal in the sun. The forest is so much cooler.

We went back through Boiling Springs, stopping at the ATC office again to chat and get water. Then we met Lynn after only 14.9 miles of hiking and went back to her and her husband’s house, where we were made to feel very welcome and then fed until we were about to burst. Thanks, Lynn and Craig!





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  1. Sandals? How does that guy hike with sandals on? (from your picture of the rock scramble)

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