Lynn dropped us back off at Trindle Rd this morning and we continued through the fields. It was overcast and drizzling off and on, which is way preferable to blazing hot sun. We made pretty good time all morning, despite finding raspberries along the trail and pausing every few feet to eat any ripe ones, then I took a long break at Scott Farm. I slowed down a little bit afterwards and the fields were left behind for the rocks.

Pennsylvania is usually referred to as Rocksylvania on the trail, although people kept telling me it wasn’t actually rocky yet (while standing on very rocky areas). There was a rocky section actually called out on the guide today, although it doesn’t seem any more rocky than other parts of the trail I’ve been on. I’m told after Duncannon is where the rocks really begin.

Stretch and I decided to call it a day after 17.5 miles and stop at Cove Mountain Shelter since the rocks were getting to our feet. We had been debating continuing the four more miles into Duncannon because Trailangelmary is putting on a hiker feed all weekend there but it’s just as easy to get there in the morning. It’s a good thing we stopped because it started raining hard as soon as we got in the shelter.

The shelters in PA have all been very nice so far. One had a solar shower, a few had picnic pavilions, some have benches and flower planters, the privies have been decent, and most shelters themselves have high ceilings with skylights, and some have bunks in them. I got a bunk in this shelter although there aren’t that many people here as most went into town. A shelter I stopped at earlier has a privy called the Taj Mahal, but it’s just unnecessarily large and not particularly nicer than any other privy.

I haven’t stayed in any of the shelters lately but I’m hoping mosquitoes won’t be too bad tonight. At least it’s slightly chilly so it won’t be a problem to stay covered.