I was awake and packed at 6:30 when one of the croo members came into the dining room with a guitar and sang “Let it Be” to wake everyone up. Once they were all done eating, I got leftover oatmeal and pancakes and swept the dining room and bunk rooms. I got ready for the cold but it was much warmer outside than in since the sun was shining.

The trail today was super easy. There was even level, clear gravel path for several miles. Once the rocks came back, my foot started hurting again though and I slowed down. I made it 7.9 miles to Crawford Notch just after lunch and hitched to the Crawford Notch General Store to resupply. They let me charge my phone for a little bit but I couldn’t sit there all day for my external battery to charge too, and they were both dead.

I decided to get a room for the night at the Above the Notch Motor Inn in Bretton Woods to be able to charge my electronics, RICE my foot, and hopefully have cell signal to catch up on a few things. I got a hitch quickly there, got settled in my room with the heat turned way up to toasty, and eventually walked to a deli for dinner. My foot feels a little better since icing and resting it so hopefully I’m good for tomorrow.

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Written by Siren

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