Burney Falls

Sunshine and Cannibal gave us a tour of their property this morning. We got to see their very old, large Pacific Yew tree (rare, as the bark for these contains a cancer drug and they were mostly killed off for it), and their spring. They just got running water a few days ago, through a really cool spring fed, gravity powered system. Sunshine also gave us a bunch of information on edible and medicinal plants in the area.

We drove back to town and had breakfast at the Blackberry Patch, which has huge and delicious portions for great prices. Then we did laundry, resupplied, and went back to the trail. I wish we could have hung out longer.


A mile into the trail from the road is the Wild Bird Cache, a fantastic stopping spot for hikers. It has a large picnic table with umbrellas, a dart board, lawn chairs, a solar phone charging station, a solar shower, a gas stove, a giant cooler full of sodas, another one of water, and a cabinet full of food. It was the middle of the afternoon so Stretch and I decided to wait out the heat there. I took a shower and she made chili for us to eat.


We got going at about 5:30 and soon made it to Burney Falls State Park. The falls there are absolutely gorgeous and I just sat and watched them for a while. They are apparently in the movie Willow, which I loved as a kid, so I will need to rewatch it soon.


We went just a little farther and camped for the night after 8.7 miles.


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  1. Ahhh! Amazingly beautiful!! Love it!

  2. The waterfall is gorgeous! I love the Wild Bird Cache too 🙂 What great angels!

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