Crater Lake Rim Trail

I did fall asleep early last night, before cooking dinner even. It made me wake up way too early this morning, finally falling back asleep right before my alarm, which I then missed, so I got a very late start, and I was starving.

I hopped off the PCT onto the Rim Trail and climbed up to Crater Lake’s rim. It was absolutely beautiful, and so, so blue. I got my tent out to dry and ate a bunch of food while I enjoyed the view. The views just continued as I walked around the lake.


There is also a road that goes around the rim and the Rim Trail goes in and out of its scenic pullouts. At one of them I ran into AT ’13er Limey and his mom on a road trip. He finished the PCT a few weeks ago. They shared some fruit with me and Clark Kent.


Clouds started moving in again, and we hadn’t done many miles yet, so I started moving faster. We stopped at Rim Village for a late lunch. I had been hoping for cheeseburgers but all they had were very expensive, tiny sandwiches, so I cooked last night’s dinner instead. There was another recently finished PCT hiker who hung out with us there. This section of trail was closed due to fire when a lot of people went through in August so some hikers have been making their way back from Canada to hike it now that it’s open again.


It was sprinkling when we left Rim Village, and continued off and on for an hour or so. I ended up hiking a little over an hour in the dark to make up for my very slow morning. 23.1 miles today.


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  1. So beautiful. I want to go there. 🙂

  2. Gorgeous!

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