Devil’s Peak

I woke up in a cloud. The sun peeked through a few times this morning, but it mostly stayed dreary. After lunch, it started sprinkling, and kept on as I climbed up to and around the base of Devil’s Peak.


The trail got rocky and exposed for a while so I’m glad the weather wasn’t worse. It did start getting windier as I started descending the ridge, making me much colder, but also moving the clouds around.


The clouds lifted enough for me to see how beautiful the area nearby was, but only briefly. They came back down within half an hour and visibility was limited again.


I did 22.7 miles to camp and just laid for a while in my sleeping bag, warming up, before cooking dinner. It was only in the low 40s today so I expect the morning to be frigid. The rest of the week should be sunny and mid 50s though.


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  1. The second photo looks like Devil’s country. 🙂

  2. Anxious to see you, hope to see you at Thanksigiving.! Love, Gram

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