Day 7 – Copper Mountain

It was pretty chilly this morning so I got a late start. The weather switched back and forth between very sunny and gray clouds all day but I never really got rained on. It was a nice, easy day at only 12.9 miles.


I went through a lot of clear cuts again today, and a local day hiker told me it’s because of the pine beetle. Last year or the year before the trail would not have been nearly so exposed.


There aren’t a ton of thru hikers on this trail but I get in long conversations with day or section hikers or bikers all the time. Colorado people really take advantage of their trails and are out here in droves, even during the week.


I was planning on going farther today, past the road to Frisco/Breckenridge, and make it to Copper Mountain tomorrow, where Sherwin, another AT hiker, lives. Then it occured to me I could take the free Summit Stage bus to his place tonight, and reverse it in the morning to slackpack that section. It’s not a long section but it does go high and my hips would enjoy the break.

I made it to the road and the Tiger Run bus stop just in time to catch the bus to Frisco, ran into the grocery store real quick for a few things, and then hopped on the bus to Copper. I got to enjoy some trail talk, my first shower and laundry of the trail, and pizza!

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  1. Beautiful photos. 🙂

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