Family Detour

My great uncle Bob raised his family in Washington and I haven’t met most of that very large branch of the family tree, as they’ve mostly stayed on the west coast. But I’ve been trying to connect with them as I go by. I saw two second cousins in California, and my dad’s cousin Anne is only two hours from White Pass. She and her family came and picked me and Switchfoot up to visit their hay farm.

A couple more cousins came to visit as well and we had a great time! We toured the farm and ate so much food. They baked seven pies and roasted two chickens for dinner. It looks like the family’s priorities (dessert) are the same everywhere. Thanks for having us, Anne and Bob!



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  1. That’s so nice! 🙂 Matt told me to tell you he wants a blueberry pie. We love you!

  2. Dang seven pies! Amazing. You can invite me over when you make pie. 🙂

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