Knife’s Edge

As soon as we left the campsite this morning, the sun made it hot enough to get rid of extra layers. We climbed up to the Knife’s Edge on Old Snowy Mountain at 7601′, crossing part of the Packwood Glacier on the way. The trail only went over about 25 yards of glacier and we found a level path through. It was early and still in the shade so it was icy.


We rested for a while at the top before beginning the long ridge walk down, going over Elk Pass at 6659′ and Tieton Pass at 4882′ on the way. It was such a gorgeous day, and I stopped for so many pictures, that I’d only done five miles by lunch.




Mount Adams is no longer in sight, but Mount Rainier has taken its place. Rainier is the highest peak in Washington and has the most glaciers in the lower 48. It is a volcano, of course, like all the big mountains here.

We left the Goat Rocks Wilderness and made it down to the road at White Pass just in time to get to the store before it closed. Well, it actually was closed, but they were nice enough to let us grab a few things. Then we set up camp at the campground at the pass. 20.3 miles today.


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  1. Loving that last photo. Goat Rocks Wilderness looks amazing.

  2. Mount Rainier is pretty epic!

  3. The photos are breathtaking! You’re never going to want to come home after the wonderful nature you have seen and been a part of.

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