Glacier Pass

It was very cold this morning so we all got a late start. But once again, the sun fixed everything. We had another gorgeous, clear day, with fantastic views.


There are tons of yellow larch trees around. They are apparently only at limited elevations and are one of the few deciduous pine trees. Their needles turn yellow, then orange, then fall off. It’s very pretty.



We went over Cutthroat Pass and Methow Pass, and then camped after 20.4 miles at Glacier Pass. I could smell campfire smoke as I got close to camp, so got an extra boost of energy for the last mile up the hill. One Step had gotten there early and started the fire, as the fire ban has been lifted in this area. It made it possible for everyone to hang out while eating dinner instead of hopping right into their sleeping bags.


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  1. So beautiful!

  2. Stay cozy!

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