We ran a few errands this morning and then headed back to Hanover. Greg had to get going back home so we said goodbye and then I ran a few more errands in town before hitting the trail. My pack feels extremely heavy after carrying just a daypack for a week, and I also have food for four or more days so my food bag is really heavy.

I hadn’t gone very far when it started sprinkling so I stopped at the next stream to cook dinner and filter water, that way I would be able to just set up my tent and hop in it if and when it started raining harder. The rain held off for me and I was able to get a few more miles up the trail, although only 7 total miles for the day. I found a great campsite though and wanted to get in my tent before the rain really came down.

It’s getting darker way earlier these days, and the time it gets dark is not helped by gray weather. I need to adjust my schedule so that I’m getting started earlier and do not need to night hike at all to get in a reasonable amount of miles. Might as well start tonight.