I got a late start this morning, staying in my sleeping bag reading while I waited for Stretch and Little Bear to catch up. We made it to the top of Moose Mountain for lunch but it was very chilly all day so breaks were short.

After 11.4 miles, I stopped at the Ice Cream Man’s house. I had intended to skip it since it was getting late and I wanted to do more miles but the sign leading to his house drew me in. Free water, ice cream, and croquet! He also lets you tent there and use the wifi. Bill wasn’t home but he had left some hikers in charge so I was able to go inside and sit by the wood stove, which was very welcome. According to the log book, I am hiker #1166 to stop here since May.

I decided to stay since it was dinner time and I wanted to hang around to meet the guy. There were other hikers to hang out with so we cooked dinner on the porch, set up out back, and went back inside for the warmth. I finally did some sewing that’s needed doing, fixing my hat brim and toiletry bag. The velcro coming off my camera case is a lost cause so I skipped it. Bill still is not home yet and it’s time to get in my tent very soon so I may miss meeting him.

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