Hostel California

I really didn’t want to double zero again so soon, but this hostel is amazing and I still had a bunch of food to eat, so I was convinced to stay. I still had plenty of chores to do too. I spent a lot of time emailing and making phone calls. The library is right across the street and it was open today so I was able to use an actual computer even.

I also spent a lot of time listening to music. The owner’s dad heard me playing the new Amos Lee Live at Red Rocks album (I was at that show last summer!) on my phone and had me put it on the speakers for everyone to hear, and then I was the DJ for most of the afternoon. I miss loud music so it was great.




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  1. That was an awesome show!! Glad you are having a good time. I can’t wait to ge out there next year!

  2. Oh my that place is so cute! Sounds like some well deserved days!

  3. Just got caught up from your last 2 weeks. The Sierras really can’t be beat, so I’m glad you had relatively good weather. Bummer about the lack of views on Whitney though; it is spectacular & you’ll have to go back. The hostel sounds like it deserved one of your zero days!!!

  4. DJ Krissy!

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