Hot Springs

We started early today because we had motivation for town! I made it the 7.5 miles in two and a half hours. We checked into Elmer’s Sunnybank Inn, which has the coolest history (see below). It’s a big old Victorian house full of antiques and it has an extensive library, a music room, and multiple porches full of rocking chairs, pretty much my dream home. They also make gourmet vegetarian breakfasts and dinners so we signed up for them right away.

I showered first thing, which was heavenly, and included separate shampoo and conditioner, a rarity lately. Most places I’ve stayed have the little packets of a combo that makes your hair squeaky. Then we went to the laundromat to drop our clothes in, to the outfitters for a new bite valve, to the Hikers Ridge Ministries Resource Center for free drinks and snacks, back to the laundromat to switch the clothes, to the library for internet and attempted photo upload (failed), picked up clothes and back to Elmer’s. I sat around reading for a while, back out for a resupply, then more reading until dinner.

There is a dinner gong, which is cool. Then a four course meal consisting of a butternut squash based soup, an artfully arranged salad with homemade tahini based dressing, a vegetable curry on rice, then pie and mint tea. I was so full but I had to finish every bite, it was so amazing. Good conversation at the table too. Elmer has everyone go around and answer four questions: Who are you? Where are you from? What did you do for work prior to hiking? And a fourth question of the night: What historical person would you want to be stranded on an island with? I chose Cecil Sharp since he was fresh in my mind and he’d have lots of songs to share. You’d need entertainment if you’re stranded.

After dinner we went down to Iron Horse Station to try to catch live music but we only caught a couple of songs since it was close to over. Had a drink at the bar with some other hikers, then back to Elmer’s to bed. I want to stay here forever.



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  1. Sounds like this stop was a good “recharging point”. Thank you for your daily posts. I am enjoying following you immensely. This place sounds really neat.

  2. My bud told me the AT actually goes down Main Street there. There is a trail marker in the side walk I understand.

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