I slept so well last night! There was no wind at all to bother me. I was hiking by 6:30, continuing on the fire closure detour. Most of it consisted of dirt roads, with only a mile or two on the highway. There was one part coming out of a campground where I had to jump a barbed wire fence to find the mountain bike trails I was looking for, but otherwise the detour was easy to follow. I had a good cell signal so I talked on the phone and played music to amuse myself.


It was very hot and exposed in the afternoon so I was happy to finally make it into Idyllwild after 16.2 miles. I stopped at the grocery store for an apple and shampoo and then went right to the campground for a shower. It’s only $3 to camp and $1 per 5 minutes in the shower. I ended up spending more on the shower. It was glorious!

I checked my food bag to see if I needed to buy anything for the next couple of days and discovered melted chocolate all over everything. I spent a while cleaning that off. Time to move to fruit candy if it’s getting that hot.

I did have enough food so there was no need for any more errands. Instead I went to hang out at the library to use wifi and charge phone and battery, and then next door for pizza. Town time goes so fast.


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  1. Did you have to pay for a shower because of the drought? Cleaning off the chocolate you mean licking it off right? 🙂 jk

  2. I miss you! 🙂

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