Kayaking Lake Fairlee

Exciting news: I have moved to Vermont!

Jenn was so excited about it that she planned a weekend orientation for me.  We drove around checking out potential new hometowns, went apartment shopping, wine and cider tasting, and kayaking on Lake Fairlee.  She happened to be house/dog sitting there so we had kayaks handy and had to use them, of course!  (Before you ask, she is not currently living in the yurt – she had to move for work. It is set up elsewhere for occasional use.)

It was a gorgeous, warm day.  Lake Fairlee is fairly small (hah!).  We kayaked about 2 miles down it, but not quite to the end.  We stopped at Treasure Island instead, a public beach.  The season had just ended so there were no lifeguards on duty, but a dozen or so people were still there enjoying the amazing weather.



Treasure Island is really a peninsula, a fact which we found out when we paddled around the back of it only to find muck.  Or I should say, Jenn found it when she got out of her boat first and sank thigh deep in it.  It was too late for her at that point so she soldiered through, dragging her kayak along behind.  After watching her, I decided to paddle around the island to land on the nice, sandy beach instead.





We met Jenn’s friends Eleanor and Ruth at the beach.  Ruth is 86 and still goes swimming all the time.  Life goals!  I helped some kids go after crawfish in the shallows while Jenn and Eleanor took advantage of the floating dock for a little synchronized diving.







After basking in the sun and splashing in the water a while, we hopped back in the kayaks and headed for home.  The two miles seemed to take a little longer this time because we kept trying to find the loons we heard calling.  A few were visible but whenever I tried to get close enough for a good photo, they took off.



Beautiful day!


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  1. Looks absolutely beautiful!!!
    Congrats, I’m so happy for you!

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