Ladies Day

I stayed in my tent for a while after waking up since I planned to take a zero, even though I risked missing the pancake breakfast. Joe was still cooking when I went back up to the house though, and as I ate pancakes, I discovered Stretch and Let’s Party already had an itinerary for our planned Ladies Day. The Animal heard the details and she decided to stay too.

The schedule had such lady things on it as paint nails, girl talk, drink mimosas, cut Easy’s hair (Party’s dog), go shopping, watch reality tv, hold a beauty pageant, listen to Taylor Swift, listen to Shania Twain, etc. We ended up only accomplishing a few things on our list. First up was shopping (for mimosa ingredients), then drinking mimosas, then listening to music while drinking mimosas.


We were in the side yard and the guys who were already there knew to stay in the front. More ladies came in throughout the day and joined us, including another AT ’13er, Honey Badger, but eventually boys started infiltrating the party as well. At first they brought gifts, of a portable speaker, pastries, etc, but then they just kept coming and trying to drink our mimosas, so ladies day was officially over. But it was a blast!


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  1. Mimosas and pancakes sounds so amazing right now even though it’s 11pm. 🙂 I wish you painted nails too.

  2. Yummmmmmy!!!!

  3. sounds awesome!!! a new PCT tradition??

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