Casa De Luna

We grabbed a quick breakfast at the cafe in town before heading out. It was cloudy and cool and would remain so for the whole day. There were a few miles of road walking to get out of town and then the trail was nice and easy, going high up into the clouds occasionally.


I hiked with Stretch most of the day. There was a trail angel house coming up but we planned to camp outside of it and go in in the morning in order to get good sleep tonight. We ran into a southbound section hiker who was handing out chips and other magic and he told us their camping area was well away from the house and very quiet so we decided to go all the way in.

We got a ride as soon as we got to the road. The trail runner that had just passed us going down was already loading another hiker who was just ahead of us into his car down the road so I waved at them and they waited. He knew exactly where to take us already.

We arrived just in time for the nightly taco salad dinner. I grabbed a Hawaiian shirt before eating, mandatory for hikers coming in. After dinner I went to set up my tent before dark. There is a manzanita forest in the back with all kinds of little trails going through it, and spaces to tuck tents in. After getting a spot, I went back out front to chat with more hikers.


24.2 miles to get here today and it was worth it. I also caught up to Let’s Party, another AT 13er, and her dog Easy!


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  1. I looks like there are a lot more trail angles that allow camping on the PCT over the AT. Would you agree? It looks awesome and I hope everyone is having a blast!! Tell them I say hello.

  2. I was wondering why you had a Hawaiian shirt on in the photo you posted. Sounds fun! 🙂

  3. Love those trail angels!

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