Agua Dulce

We hung around the KOA all morning since we didn’t have many miles to go today, but I finally got antsy and had to start hiking. I also wanted to be able to spend some time checking out Vasquez Rocks, which the trail goes right through.



Vasquez Rocks is a scenic area that a lot of filming has been done at: Star Trek, Blazing Saddles, and a bunch more. I actually did not get to climb around much because it took all my time to just stay on the trail there. The PCT was not signed well and there were other trails crisscrossing all over the place.



I finally made it out and onto the road to Agua Dulce, a town that the trail walks right through. I did a quick resupply at the grocery store and then ate a pizza while I charged my phone. There were a lot of hikers hanging out so I waited for Stretch and the rest of the group and was about to leave when they finally all came in.

In the interest of staying with the group, I ordered a margarita from the Mexican place to drink while they all ate dinner. The plan had been to get another five miles outside of town to camp but it was getting later and there was no place to stay in town. I asked the grocery store if we could camp in their parking lot and they said yes so we decided to stay and make it up tomorrow.

Only 10.1 miles today but it was a fun day. There are a dozen hikers laid out in the sandy area of the parking lot and this is my first time cowboy camping.


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  1. I like that….Cowboy Camping!

  2. Margarita and pizza. You are talking my language. 🙂

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