Long Canyon

I did not sleep well last night. I’ve still been on East coast time and waking up by 4am at Sarah’s, but I was hoping a 20 mile day would help me sleep in a little later. Instead I woke up at midnight and tossed and turned from there. When it was actually a reasonable time to get up, I was just falling asleep again. I ended up getting a slow moving start on the trail after 8am.  I continued moving slowly most of the day as it was almost all uphill.

I saw my first “flowing” water source at Cottonwood Creek but it was just a stagnant pool and a campground with spigots was in half a mile so I waited. The campground also had picnic tables in the shade so I took a long break for early lunch, before getting out my umbrella to head up the trail.


I took several shorter breaks for the afternoon, two of which were feet up and shoes off breaks. I’m wearing Dirty Girl Gaiters but dust still gets into my shoes through the mesh on its sides. That can cause blisters so I keep changing my socks back and forth throughout the day to give one pair a chance to dry out so I can shake the dirt off some.


I passed a great campsite in Fred Canyon but it was dry so my goal was Long Canyon for the night. My feet were feeling pretty sore so I actually took some ibuprofen, which I rarely like to do. I finally made it 17.2 miles to a campsite just short of where I was aiming, but it had early access to the creek. I made a large dinner and only had to force down the last few bites. It usually takes my appetite a while to kick in.


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  1. Do you need us to get you more socks?

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