More Road Walking

Man, I hate road walking. Pavement just kills my feet when I’m wearing a heavy pack. I don’t like taking breaks on the side of the road so there’s rarely any rest either. I didn’t have one break longer than fifteen minutes today.

A ranger stopped and talked to me around lunch time. I have a feeling someone called him about the girl who looks like she might be backpacking but is really just walking on the side of the road. I feel sketchy walking through all this private land, so I’m sure I look sketchy. Everything is posted against trespassing and there’s no apparent reason anyone would be walking on the roads I was on. At least they were less busy than yesterday.

I had a couple of dogs follow me, barking, for almost a mile. They stayed at least twenty feet back, and ran even farther back every time I turned around, so it’s not like they were threatening. But it shows how rare someone walking by is.

I made it 17.7 miles down the route, and then went .3 miles off route, to another small parcel of state forest by 5:00. I don’t think I could have gone a step farther. It’s a lot brushier than last night’s forest so it took me a little longer to find a decent tent spot. I sat just resting my feet a bit before eating.

It sprinkled very shortly a couple of times today and it started raining soon after dinner. Luckily I was already cleaned up and laying down. It’s very early to be in a tent for the night but I have books I can read on my phone. There are coyotes making noise nearby and I can hear dogs barking back at them.





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  1. The color of the leaves are breath taking. You are a very brave woman to be hiking. Miss you . I enjoy reading your post. Jackie n Bernie

  2. Love the photos honey. We sure worry about you in places that are rural. In the mountains we know your safe. Wish you weren’t alone. Did you hear we are moving? Trying to get to Florida before it snows, don’t think we are going to make it. Close on our Condo, Wed., but this house isn’t even on the market yet. Ev, Randy and I are working hard to remodel quickly. Could not make it without Ev, he is a Godsend., he has done so much to help us. Ronnie helped him with the new roof. Hope we get our investment back. Love you and miss you. Please be safe, I would piss my pants if two dogs were following me and wolves waiting to eat me for a snack!!! Love …. Uncle Jess

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