Trans Adirondack Route

Stretch dropped me off at Erik’s house, the founder of the Trans Adirondack Route. We waited until the next morning to drive up to the trail since it’s about three hours to the northern border from where we were. The Trans ADK is a route that runs from the northern border of the Adirondack Park all the way to the southern border. The Adirondacks are a mix of private and public land, and unfortunately, near the top it’s mostly private. What that means for me is a lot of road walking the first few days.

I started in the town of Ellenburg Center. Road walking through private land means I can’t just stop anywhere for a break. I started out in lots of farmland but was able to find an abandoned house to have lunch in front of. Later the farmland turned to woods, mostly owned by hunting clubs, and I also took a break in front of one of their gates. When I reached the town of Lyon Mountain, I took a break at a church. So there are places I feel comfortable stopping at while passing through private land, but it’s still annoying not being able to stop anywhere I feel like it like when I’m in the woods. There was also one small parcel of public land that I passed.

After Lyon Mountain, I was able to get off the road for a little bit onto a snowmobile trail. I finally reached state forest land just as it was getting dark, after 16.3 miles. I immediately setup my tent and fell asleep. I awoke a few hours later and planned my route for tomorrow. It looks like a similar stretch to more state forest that I can camp in then, with another small parcel of public land that I can stop at for lunch.

Today was a gorgeous day to start, sunny and 70s. Pavement makes me footsore though, and I was walking into the wind all day. Highlights of the day were some wind farms, hundreds of ladybugs flying past me and landing on me, and lots of farmers and cows looking at me like I’m crazy.





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  1. What did the cows tell you?

  2. Enjoy! You are always up to a new adventure!

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