I spent most of today climbing Mount Greylock, the highest peak in Massachusetts and the first time I’ve been over 3,000 feet in several states. It took over 8 miles to get to the top, also the longest I’ve climbed uphill in a while. I celebrated with ginger ice cream at the top.

We had heard a rumor that Desperados, a Mexican restaurant in Williamstown, at the bottom of the mountain, gave hikers a free meal so we decided to check it out for dinner. Jungle Jym, SoulFlute, Bon Air, Slick, Coon and I all had a great dinner with some very well made margaritas. We didn’t get the meal for free but they did give us half off the food for being hikers.

It’s harder to hitch at night but four of us went for it any way instead of walking the mile plus back to the trail. We got a ride after fifteen minutes or so and beat the walkers back. We found a campsite not too far up the trail and set up. 15.1 miles for the day.

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